Golestan Collection: Royal Tilework Necklace

Introducing our enchanting brass engraved accessories collection inspired by the opulent beauty of Golestan Palace in Iran. Golestan Palace, nestled in the heart of Tehran, stands as a masterpiece of Persian architecture and royal grandeur. Renowned for its stunning tilework, intricate gardens, and historical significance, it is a captivating testament to Iran’s rich cultural heritage.

Each meticulously crafted piece draws inspiration from the intricate architectural details, royal motifs, and historic grandeur that define this iconic palace. The engravings intricately capture the essence of Persian artistry, offering a wearable testament to the cultural richness and regal heritage embodied by Golestan Palace. Elevate your style with these unique accessories that seamlessly blend history and elegance. Embrace the allure of Persian craftsmanship and adorn yourself with a touch of Golestan Palace’s majestic charm, celebrating a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary sophistication.


  • Fully handmade brass engraved necklace.
  • Dimension: W ( inches) by H ( inches).
  • Box is included.
  • Due to limited availability, this product is not refundable/ exchangeable.


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