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Persian Calligraphy T-Shirts

Nothing looks cooler than having something part of your roots in your wardrobe. What could be a better way of showing pride for your language than having it carved on your T-shirt. This will shout out the love for your country and language to its core. You can buy these T-Shirts that are having Persian poetry calligraphy on them.

It has poems from famous poets, depicting the best of Persian literature. Iranians have one of the oldest manuscripts in the world. The roots of the language can be found dug deep into history. It is one of the world’s oldest literature. Owning a T-Shirt, which flaunts this literature will not only reflect your love and admiration for your country but also reflect your classic taste for literary works.

You can choose from various colors and texts as these are available in multiple options. In addition to their visual and intellectual appeal, comes the comfort that it provides. These T-Shirts are made of high quality fabric.

Calligrapher: Ehsan Rasoulmanesh

Poet: Khayam

Poem: “من زان خودم ،چنان که هستم هستم”

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